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08 Jul

In-Person Event

08, July 2023
4:00 PM, Saturday

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How much is it to attend?

There is no financial obligation to participate. You’re welcome to try on the lingerie. Utilize the available photographers and various set designs for as many photographs as you desire.

Q Do I need to bring my own lingerie?

Feel free to come with your own lingerie. However, we’ll also provide a broad selection of lingerie for your fitting. If desired, we can supply pasties and seamless bottoms.

Q Can I post photos from the event on social media?

You’re welcome to take selfies. All we request is that you credit the artists and the studio by tagging them. To respect the privacy of other participants, please refrain from capturing or sharing photos of others without their explicit consent.

Q Will there be men at the event as well?

The heterosexual men attending will be the professional boudoir photographers. We prioritize your comfort and privacy.


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